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The project "SOUVERÄN – Migrant self-organization for occupational integration" is a project of the IQ Network Schleswig-Holstein under sponsorship of the Refugee Council Schleswig-Holstein e.V.

SOUVERÄN is an empowerment project for people with a migration background, especially in rural regions of Schleswig-Holstein. Through advice, training and mentoring, among other things, this project encourages people with a migrant background to design independent and sustainable participation strategies. The project's focus is on occupational integration.

Active members of migrant communities, with the support of SOUVERÄN, become disseminators for establishing binding self-organizations in their regions.

The Schleswig-Holstein network "Integration through Qualification (IQ)" is a heterogeneous integration network that, through various sub-projects, works throughout the state to facilitate access to the labour market for people with a migration background. The network's objectives focus on providing advice on the recognition of foreign degrees and the implementation of qualification measures in the context of the Recognition Act. The network is coordinated by the Refugee Council Schleswig-Holstein e. V. (www.frsh.de).

Further information can be found at: www.iq-netzwerk-sh.de

The coordinator of the IQ Network Schleswig-Holstein is Farzaneh Vagdy-Voß E-Mail

Project Management SOUVERÄN:

Ludmilla Babayan

Tel.: 0431 556 853 67



Ludmilla Babayan
Project Management

Tel.: 0431 556 853 67

Danica Fröhlich
Project Assistance


Mahmoud Abu Lahem
Project Staff


Executive agency of the measure SOUVERÄN

Refugee Council Schleswig-Holstein e. V.

The Refugee Council Schleswig-Holstein e. V. is the executive agency of the project SOUVERÄN. Since 1991, it has been organizing advice and education courses for disseminators, conducting refugee and migration-policy lobbying and public relations work, and coordinating integration networks such as Mehr Land in Sicht! and Alle an Bord.

Refugee Council Schleswig-Holstein e.V.
Sophienblatt 82-86
24114 Kiel

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